Our style.

The majority of our clients have worked with us for over 15 years across multiple engagements. Why? Because we bring a relatable expertise and collaborative approach to deliver real results. We create lasting relationships with our clients based on trust.

Our validated approach.

We have refined our methodology and approach continuously while serving 50 clients over the last two decades. We utilize only the most effective frameworks and tools in our work, using empirically validated assessments that stand the test of time.

Our experience.

We have over 40 years of combined consulting experience helping leaders and organizations address the issues getting in the way of performance. We take pride in our experience going full life cycle (from concept to delivery) across large and complex global projects. Our experience comes from years working in big consulting firms and in the trenches of organizational systems.

Our results.

We have established a reputation for delivering lasting results with some of the world’s most recognizable brands which is why our clients engage us over the long-term. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves to get the job done. We work well beyond recommendations and define our success by what happens after the solution is implemented. We support our clients’ change and project efforts to any extent necessary, ensuring they’re successful.

Our ability to scale.

We have a deep network of associates highly skilled and experienced across industries and specialties to ensure our ability to support a wide range of client needs. We have the ability to build custom project teams to support large-scale initiatives.

Our focus.

Leadership, team, and organizational effectiveness is at the core of our business. While we possess deep academic and theoretical knowledge of leadership and organizational development, we pride ourselves in our ability to translate this understanding into practical and no-nonsense consulting. We help our clients understand what may be impacting organizational performance and how they may need to make changes to achieve the results they’re looking for.



Meet the Founders

We both entered the field of Leadership and Organizational Development while at UCLA’s Graduate School of Management. We come to this work with a shared belief in human potential and a passion for designing human systems that work. Whether onsite at our clients, or in our office, you will often find us whiteboarding ideas and collaborating on solutions to complex organizational problems. As founders, we have complementary skill sets that allow us to work solo, together, or in collaboration with our associates on behalf of our diverse client portfolio.



Sarah Larson

Large Group Facilitation and Offsites

Little Known Fact:
I’m a trained Anthropologist

Rob Larson

Leadership Assessments

Little Known Fact:
I have my own psychotherapy practice