Powerful, Interactive Group Experiences

We believe offsites have the potential to deliver powerful, interactive group experiences that translate to real results in the organization. Larson & Associates are seasoned facilitators experienced in organizational change, team and leadership development.  We draw on our two decades of experiences and best practices to custom design retreats that combine the real, substantive work of an organization with engaging experiences; whether it is about setting strategy, developing impactful leaders, or dialing-up team performance.    

Team Development Offsites

Team Training: Depending on your needs, Larson & Associates can blend highly interactive team building experiences with a variety of training on topics such as decision making, problem solving, and listening & communication. Our research-based training can be integrated into your team building retreat to build targeted skills.

Team Effectiveness: Your team’s needs matter to us.  We use an innovative interview discovery processes to find out your needs at the individual, team, and organizational level, and design offsites based on these.  Your team can gain insight on opportunities to improve team effectiveness by taking an online Team Assessment to measure team performance on indicators like team trust, accountability, support, honesty, feedback, problem-solving, empathy, optimism, and more.


Self Development Workshops: Team members can gain insight into aspects of their personality and work styles by taking industry leading personality assessments and explore their patterns and work styles with their team during the retreat. Effective teams are always based on individuals who learn to perform more effectively. Our True Tilt training is an innovative self-change module that catalyzes personal “inside out” change, and can be designed into your team retreat.

Team Agreements & Team Charters: Larson & Associates can guide your team through a series of interactive activities to align team members on norms, values, and ways of working that will help the team excel. Teams tend to “own” what they create – and follow through on their new agreements.

Leadership Offsites

Leadership Assessments: We often use Leadership Assessments to increase leader self-awareness and prepare each leader for their role in a leadership offsite.

Strategic Planning:  We offer a full range of support with strategic planning including offsite planning retreats.

Leadership Effectiveness:  We combine our expertise in leadership development and offsite design and facilitation to execute a variety of leadership team interventions. 

Other Offsites

Unlocking HR Excellence:  Designed specifically for HR teams, this modular workshop increases the strategic value HR can deliver to the organization.  

Managing Change:  We offer a variety of workshops on how to manage and execute change in an organization.