Our Point of View

There are dozens of team development models, theories, and frameworks. We subscribe to the principle that high performing teams possess GRPI.

G – Goals

Effective teams share a clear, compelling and common purpose with a defined set of measurable goals that team members are held accountable for achieving.

R – Roles

Winning teams possess a high degree of role clarity. Individuals understand their specific responsibilities and accountabilities and recognize when and how to collaborate with one another.

P – Process

Teams need effective ways of working (i.e. Clear meeting structures, decision making processes, communication tools and standards, and methods to prioritize the work and track progress.)

I – Interpersonal

At the heart of effective teams are trusting relationships. Healthy teams know how to effectively communicate, manage debate, and address conflict.

Team Development Services:

(MBTI, DiSC and Tilt Certified)

  • Team Effectiveness Assessment

  • Team Development and Facilitation

  • Team Charter & Goal Setting

  • Team Decision-Making Practices

  • Team Communication

  • Relationships & Conflict